Since its creation in 2005, the UCLG Committee of Digital and Knowledge-based Cities, Chaired by the City of Bilbao, has been working to reduce the digital divide and to boost the implementation of the digital local agenda as a mean for improving the quality of life of the citizens from the decentralized governments.

Through the Committee, it has been promoted the development of a common vision and dynamics among local governments in favor of an inclusive Information Society that favors the reduction of the digital divide.

From the Committee, we consider that is necessary that the Cities and Municipalities of all over the world, create a virtual space of interaction between the citizens, the private sector and the public administrations, that promotes an inclusive Information Society and that uses Internet and the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) as a support mean for the creation of an advanced model of community, that fosters a sustainable economic and social development of the City based on ICT. In this context, the Digital Local Agenda still represents a strategic tool for achieving that a City becomes digital in a planned and structured way.

The Committee aims to create an efficient network of cooperation integrated by Local Authorities to take advantage of the opportunities that the new information and communication technologies (ICT), innovation and knowledge bring, and to share, assimilate and adapt them to local needs, and create new opportunities for all the cities and municipalities.

The main objective is to reach an alliance among all the Committee members to achieve a competitive economy driven by the Local Authorities in which knowledge, innovation and new technologies (ICT) are created, transmitted, acquired and used to promote the economic and social development of the own community.

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