2019 Edition


In 2012 the Committee of Digital and Knowledge‐Based Cities of UCLG (currently named UCLG Community of Practice on Digital Cities carried out an International study on the situation of ICT, Innovation and Knowledge in cities (“Smart Cities Study”). As a continuation of this work, a new study was carried out in 2017 on the current situation and on the opportunities that ICT provide, as well as on the support for innovation and knowledge advancement to develop cities and transform them into Smart Cities.

You may access the previous editions at the following links: 2012 Edition and 2017 Edition.

In this third edition, this study will focus on Smart Governance of cities. In this sense, smart governance is conceived as that which, on the one hand, is open (incorporating the principles of open governance such as transparency, participation, open data, accountability and collaboration) and, on the other, has strategic and advanced management, with a great vocation for anticipating future challenges, carrying out strategic planning based on previously identified challenges, evaluating the actions that are carried out, and relying on data for decision-making.

Thus, the study aims to understand the situation of cities regarding open government and advanced strategic management and identify good practices of reference within this framework. In addition, the study plans to identify the main technological trends that are considered key for the next 4-5 years for Smart Governance in cities.