1. To place Local Authorities as leaders of territorial innovation processes

Due to their capacity of articulating highly participative and efficient networks.

2. To identify and promote the key factors that make cities more innovative

Such as the attraction and generation of knowledge, the improvement of the education system and the lifelong learning and the support from the local administration to the economic sectors that are based in the technological creativity and knowledge.

3. To disseminate the Digital Local Agenda (DLA) Model

One of the main activities that has been developed by the Committee during the past 4 years. The DLA still represents a key tool to progress in the objective of achieving more digital, competitive and collaborative cities in a structure way, we also move forward in the concept of Intelligent City Agenda.

4. To create an efficient Cooperation Network formed by the UCLG members

In order to take advantage of the benefits that creativity, innovation and knowledge bring and to share, integrate and adapt them to the local needs and create new opportunities for all.